The Italian citizenship, dual citizenship, European citizenship are the most valuable goals in a world increasingly closed by barriers. Residence is not enough to have rights.

With the right information, we can travel between different states, obtain dual citizenship faster, we can feel confident with authorities and avoid lawsuits.

New technologies help us to communicate the right information in a fast and direct information: we do not have to depend always from a lawyer!

For this reason we create INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS on dual citizenship and free mobility in Europe.

With the Italian Citizenship Institute we want to educate 10,000 people on dual citizenship and free mobility in Europe by year 2020!

Lara Olivetti

Lara Olivetti

Lara Olivetti is a licensed Italian attorney and practiced in Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden. She specialized in Italian and European citizenship issues, international private law and immigration law. Since 2015, she focuses on developing educational programmes on citizenship and mobility law in Europe.

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Becoming an Italian in the world has taught me to look at the Italian system with the eyes of a foreigner. I feel my understanding and my ability to explain Italian citizenship and immigration law it to non-Italians has reached a whole other level. I met so many people contributing to the development of Italy from all corners of the world, especially among Italians in the world.
It is my wish to be one of them and to let Italy know how much they count. Let’s meet!

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Avvocato Salvatore Fachile

Salvatore Fachile

Salvatore Fachile is a licensed attorney in Rome, specialized in immigration law, asylum and citizenship issues. With 20 odd years of practice in this field, he successfully led very important legal cases of the civil rights of Italians and immigrants in Italy. He works pro bono for the defense of human rights of refugees. Salvatore is engaged in public debates, is a much requested speaker  at conferences and teaches training courses for lawyers, public and private sector officials.