We with you to obtain justice in citizenship issues before the Italian courts in Rome. The lawyers in charge are me, Salvatore Fachile and Giulia Crescini.

For our Brazilian clients, we have set up a very convenient service for preparing the necessary paperwork and obtaining the legalizations required by the through our trusted partner Elton Stolf.

Our clients from the US have the additional opportunity to obtain genealogy and records research through our trusted partner Ms. Anna L. Andrews.

Lara Olivetti

I was born in Desenzano del Garda (Italy) and graduated in International Law at the University of Trento (Italy). I studied EU law, comparative and immigration law in Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg (France), Maastricht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

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In my 20+ years work experience in immigration and citizenship issues, I

  • served in a public immigration office in Italy for six years
  • practiced as an Italian lawyer in Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden
  • worked with Save the Children program in Italy and Europe promoting children’s rights in administrative and judicial procedures
  • worked with networks of Italian emigrants in the world, among which Trentini nel Mondo on dual citizenship programs
  • worked with the European Commission (European Union, Brussels) as an external expert for the evaluations of applications and administration of the European Funds for Civil Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Refugee Fund, European Fund for the integration of Third-Country Nationals
  • developed educational programs on citizenship and mobility law in Europe
  • worked with the Italian National Association of Immigration Lawyers ASGI since 1999, the first national association of immigration law academics and practitioners advocating immigrants and asylum rights in Italy

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Elton Diego Stolf

Elton is a Brazilian lawyer specialised in international legal studies in Padua and Trento (Italy), and at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil) where he teaches International law. His practice is located in Joinville (SC, Brazil) and serves thousands individuals and families of Italian origin by offering convenient rates on agreement with professional translators and notary public.

Elton has a long experience in advocating the rights of Italian emigrants in Brazil. During his earlier years he spearheaded the Youth movement of Italian (Trentino) emigrants and served as the legal representative of Italian local government of Trentino in Brazil until 2018 (Consultore della Provincia Autonoma di Trento). 

Anna L. Edwards

After a long career as an American immigration lawyer, nowadays Anna focuses on providing genealogical, immigration history and vital records research and document services for U.S. citizens making applications for a second citizenship. Anna is herself of Italian descent from the province of Trentino and obtained her Italian citizenship.

Anna established her practice in New York City, the heart of the immigrant identity of the U.S. and where many U.S. ancestor records are archived. Valuable records resources include the regional National Archives here, as well as all the courthouses, and civic, religious and institutional archives throughout the boroughs, often in dusty attics and basements. Many important documents for citizenship cannot be found digitally.

Anna enjoys locating hard-to-find records that resolve ambiguity around blood relationships, immigration & naturalization timelines, and frequent name discrepancies. We locate and obtain records, and also obtain necessary translations, certifications, and Apostille for submission to foreign governments.

Find Anna at this web page https://usdualcitizens.com/