Italian Citizenship by Marriage

Italian Citizenship by Marriage

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The Program “Italian Citizenship by Marriage: the Lawyer’s Secrets to Cut your Process Time” in English is a simple,  very concentrated and practical tool to fast-track your citizenship process. It includes all the information, contacts, and forms to speed up your citizenship application process by marriage.

It’s experience: 20+ years worth of my research, practice, understanding, and expertise as a public servant within the Italian administration and as a practicing lawyer – read more about me here.

It’s organized.  Instead of just putting things in categories,  I’ve tried to put them in order.

It’s easy.  Raise your hand if you’re tired of all the Consulates websites, bureaucratic messages in Italian and complicated information on the internet. This is intentionally lightweight.

It’s distilled.  Can you get this information free online? Partly yes, but it’s tricky to weed through the vast sea of information and pick out what’s relevant, what’s current and what works.

This Program contains 40 carefully crafted pages to infuse you with effective knowledge on your rights as Italian citizenship applicant by marriage,  the specific references to the law,  the process step-by-step and our best 4-STEP STRATEGY to fast-track the process.

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Product Description

Still not sure whether the guide is right for you?

  • Have you applied for Italian citizenship by marriage?
  • Are you puzzled by the Italian-only available information and wish for simple information in English?
  • Thinking about fast-tracking you Italian citizenship process, but not sure where to start?
  • Nervous about the financial side of hiring a lawyer for that?
  • Taking steps to expedite your process, but stumped on how to make serious leaps forward?
  • Are you smart, motivated and ready to become a fully fledged Italian citizen?


Even if mastering the tools and expediting your process seems out of reach, know that you CAN make this happen. With the right guidance, you’ll make your transition just like so many of my clients did!

So go ahead: invest in yourself! This program that’s packed full of tangible, practical advice and tools that will help you attain the results you crave.

The fee for an Italian lawyer to evaluate your case, contact the right offices and urge your process with an official letter starts at $ 300,00/hour (€ 270,00), plus expenses and taxes (Italian Official Tariff for non-judicial legal services, Decree no. 55/2014) But you should not pay for that!

Avoid spending your hard-earned money on lawyers and take action! Let me empower you and give you the tools for it for a small fraction of the costs for legal services.


Highlights of this Program:

  • Specific directions on how to reach the right offices in charge of our application,
  • Sending the most effective urging notice (Sollecito), including the form, translation and detailed directions in English,
  • Sending a formal warning, specifically for the case the 730-days deadline expires (Diffida), including the form, translation and detailed directions in English;
  • Additional insights and information to perfect the approach and strategies



Taking Control of Our Process

1. Make sure your process has actually started!

2. Take control of your process

3. How much time should we wait?





5. STEP 1: Reach the RIGHT OFFICE in charge

6. STEP 2: Send the most effective URGING NOTICE

7. STEP 3: Send the perfect WARNING




Once finalized your payment, your Program “Italian Citizenship by Marriage: the Lawyer’s Secrets to Cut your Process Time” will be automatically delivered within seconds. You will find it in your Client Area on this website, protected by the password you choose.

The 40 pages come in .pdf format

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