A Message from Lara

I believe that lawyers should primarily educate people to know and defend their rights by themselves.

My time and energies are devoted to divulging correct and clear information on citizenship law in Italy and Europe, besides obtaining justice in Court.

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Thanks to the scholarship of the European Union and the Autonomous Province of Trento, I could study in Italy, France, and the Netherlands and learn about the rights of Italian citizens and foreigners who work and move throughout Europe.

In 1997, I brought back to Italy the teachings of some of the most important scholars of the right of citizenship and immigration In Europe.

Working in public offices and in law firms in Trento, Rome and Amsterdam helped me understand how the administrative system works, as well as what citizens expect from offices. I had the good fortune to meet fine professionals and network with them. Meeting people coming from all countries in the world to Italy opened my mind and heart to the needs of cross-border mobility.

Over the years, I enabled more than 10,000  individuals, families and businesses to achieve a better understanding of the real options and best opportunities, prevent and solve issues with Italian authorities concerning visas, permits, dual citizenship, registrations, and other administrative issues.

I have written professional training guides for lawyers on Italian citizenship by marriage, citizenship by lineage and on Italian and European Union immigration law.  Read some texts published online

I wrote a popular Guide to Italian Citizenship for descendants of Italian emigrants translated into English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Working in immigration offices taught me the importance of empowering people to exercise their citizenship and mobility rights. There is so much that people can do to know their rights and make conscious choices, prevent unjust decisions by authorities, prevent long delays and damaging consequences when setting out to apply for citizenship or moving to Europe. A lot can be done to prevent having to challenge authorities’ decisions in courts.

There is a wealth of learn information that people can easily acquire and use with today’s technology in the new economy. It is my ambition to deliver the best of it in the most effective way through the Altamobilità programme.

I have lived in Trento (Italy), in Strasbourg (France), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden). As a worker in Sweden, I obtained a Swedish passport. As a dual Italian-Swedish national, I divide my time between Italy and Sweden. 

Becoming an Italian in the world has taught me to look at the Italian system with the eyes of a foreigner. I feel my understanding and my ability to explain Italian citizenship and immigration law to non-Italians has reached a whole other level.

Moreover, I have met so many people contributing to the development of Italy from all corners of the world, especially among Italians in the world. It is my wish to be one of them and to let Italy know how much they count. Let’s meet!



Some facts

Born in Desenzano del Garda (province of Brescia, Italy) in 1972.

Graduated in International Law at the University of Trento (Italy) and studied EU law, comparative and immigration law in Brussels (Belgium), Strasbourg (France), Maastricht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

Licensed Italian attorney (avvocato) and practiced until 2015 in Italy, The Netherlands and Sweden as a member of the Italian Bar Association of Trento: Ordine degli Avvocati di Trento, as well as the Dutch Bar Association Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten and the Swedish Bar Association: Sveriges Advokatsamfundet.

Focus: developing educational programs on citizenship and mobility in Europe.

Member of the Italian National Association of Immigration Lawyers ASGI since 1999, the first national association of immigration law academics and practitioners advocating immigrants and asylum rights in Italy.

Member of the board of international federations that unite and works for the rights of Italians in the world and their families: FILEF (Federazione italiana dei lavoratori emigrati e famiglie) and FAIM (Forum delle associazioni italiane nel mondo).

Other activities

Assisted the European Commission as an external expert for the evaluations of applications and administration of the European Funds for Civil Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Refugee Fund, European Fund for the integration of Third-Country Nationals.

She cooperated for almost twenty years with Save the Children program Italy-Europe promoting children’s rights in administrative and judicial procedures and as a legal advisor on child rights in Italy and Europe.